A Friendly Atmosphere for 11 Years in WoW

Amok has always striven to provide members with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere for adventuring in Azeroth. The guild originally formed during vanilla WoW as The Shadow Watch (Maelstrom, Alliance). With the introduction of the Wrath of the Lich King, the guild rebooted as a Horde guild on Sen'Jin and became Amok.


Fight the Legion

Amok is recruiting again with the release of Legion for PvE-focused players who are interested in Mythics and Raids within a guild environment. Please message any member of Amok online for more information; or, use the in-game Guild Finder to search for Amok (on Sen'Jin) and submit an application directly.


Raiding in Legion

We are gearing up and preparing for Legion raiding. Members who desire to raid with the guild need to ensure they are properly equipped and understand their class role in raids. It is not required to have "textbook knowledge" of the encounters beforehand, but raiders should be prepared to listen to the raid leader and have patience with wipes as we learn each fight's mechanics.

Raid Times and Loot Management

Our members predominantly reside in the central and western US, so our raid times skew towards hours convenient to them. Because Amok is an old guild with mature members, our members also have daily lives that prohibit raiding during weekday/daylight hours. Therefore, we tend to do light grouping (Mythics) during the week and reserve our raiding for Friday and/or Saturday evenings around 8PM CST.

We are currently satisfied with the personal loot system, although we use Personal Loot Helper to alert us when it is appropriate to trade dropped loot to weaker-geared members.

  • Level 110 & Item Level 830
  • Deadly Boss Mods installed
  • Discord VOIP client installed and configured
  • Sign-up for a raid using the in-Game Calendar
  • Good attitude and grit
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AMOK is currently using Discord for as our VOIP service.

What happened to the forums?

To be flippant: forums are passé. Seriously, though, the forums were rarely used and we can leverage Discord chat groups (which persist) to get much of what we did get out of forums (a method to have out-of-game conversations recorded). Additionally, we no longer have to manage accounts/passwords or deal with security problems arising there from. This will simplify the website and make it easier to highlight important announcements.